✔ Sustainable material

✔ Different finishing possibilities

✔ Unbreakable and lightweight

Are you looking for customized mannequins? Rely on our expertise in this specific aspect in retail. At Bonami, our company based in Belgium, we design, create and manufacture the customized mannequins that match the needs of your vision when it comes to fashion. We offer the best sustainable quality and fit at all times. Do you have a specific shape or size in mind? We can help you with a durable and unbreakable mannequin completely according to your wishes.

All of our customized mannequins stand out

Whether you want to use the customized mannequins of Bonami in your store or shop window, investing in our mannequins and bust forms is always a good idea. We have male, female and designs for kids available. Display work-out clothing, a set of lingerie or a bag in the way that you like. Discover our creativity with our abstract or realistic mannequins in our unique collection. Adjust the RAL colour and the finishing possibilities that suit the look and feel of your fashionable shop and window.

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Ask about our finishing possibilities

Would you like to know more about the concept of our designs? Or would you like to get started with customizable mannequins right away? Feel free to contact us. Fill out the online contact form, send an e-mail to info@bonami.be or phone us at the number +32(0)93250513. We are happy to give you some personal advice.