✔ Sustainable material

✔ Different finishing possibilities

✔ Unbreakable and lightweight

Are you looking for a beautiful and one-of-a-kind fashion mannequin? Do not look any further and browse through our collection. Whether you are looking for a classic pose or an abstract design, we have the perfect mannequin for you in stock. Have a look at our collection of fashion mannequins and discover the one that suits you best.

We have a fashion mannequin that suits your collection

At Bonami, our company in Belgium, we have an eye for fashion and design. That is exactly why we offer customizable mannequins for every client in the clothing or accessory business. Our mannequins are available full body or in a bust form with a unique position of its own. All of our collections and eye-catching dress forms are available in different finishing possibilities and colours. The base of the mannequin is always included. Have we triggered your interest? Check out our Fashion King collection and Fashion Queen collection or one of our other beautiful collections.

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Order a mannequin for your store

Would you like to discover the possibilities of our mannequins? Do not hesitate to contact the Bonami team, our company based in Belgium. Fill out the online contact form, send an e-mail to info@bonami.be or phone us at the number +32(0)93250513. Tell us all your wishes and enjoy the beauty of our mannequins yourself.