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Full body male mannequins

Full body male mannequins give the appearance of your shop an extra dimension. An inspirational display gives the customer a clear view of the items you have in stock. Full body male mannequins with a painted or fabric finish are our area of expertise. Read on and learn more about our male mannequins and other products!  

Discover our large collection of full body male mannequins


Not all full body male mannequins look the same. Bonami, our company in Belgium, has the right mannequin position and type available for your products. Whether it is a sporting stance or a dressed-up vibe with a suit, the possibilities in regard to male and female mannequins are endless. We only use the most eco-friendly materials to guarantee a sustainable production for every type of client. Is there not enough space in your shop? The sculptors of Bonami also design manufacture compact busts of your choice.


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Have we made you curious about our full body male mannequins? Phone us at +32(0)93250513 or leave your personal information behind via our contact form. We get in touch with you as soon as possible. Bonami’s professional team has the solution for your store!