Full body female mannequins

Beautifully made full body female mannequins make sure customers do not leave your shop emptyhanded. There is no better way to display a flirty dress, colourful blouse, classy jumpsuit or accessory than a mannequin of the female body. We create a sustainable specimen that fits your vision and store perfectly! Which female mannequins will you choose?

We offer full body female mannequins in every shape and form​​

Are you looking for full body female mannequins? Bonami, our company based in Belgium, has the female mannequins you need! Here is just a short list of what we have to offer for our fashionable clients:

  • Female busts and mannequin bodies

  • Plus-size mannequins in every body type

  • Female body mannequins for lingerie

  • Maternity mannequins

  • Wigs and make-up

  • Full body male mannequins

  • Kids mannequins

  • Sport mannequins

  • And so much more!

Are you looking for female mannequins in a sporty position? Or an abstract design to display a male mannequin? Rely on our knowledge about this specific area of expertise. You only have one chance to convince a customer. Therefore, your collection deserves the best possible display. All of our mannequin female body mannequins are available with a painted finish in every colour. That way, all our clients can find the female mannequins to their personal taste. Bonami only uses eco-friendly materials that are beneficial to the retailer and for the environment.

Get in touch with us

Bonami’s team is here to help you with female mannequins. We align the perfect type with your commercially oriented ideas. Come visit our showroom and experience our know-how of mannequins. Are you interested to level up your shop? Let’s talk about what we can do for you and your company. Send us an e-mail via, call us on the number +32(0)93250513 or fill out our easy-to-use contact form. You require a mannequin, Bonami makes it happen.