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Preganant mannequin figure

Maternity mannequins

Our maternity mannequins have the shape of a real adult. They have the same physique as any adult, with the perfect fit. The models are of excellent quality, just like all other mannequins from Bonami, your manufacturer in Belgium. Explore them all and let us know which maternity mannequins you prefer.

Maternity mannequins have several options

Our maternity mannequins are eye-catching, because not only do they look lifelike, but they are also beautiful due of their workmanship. The possibilities of our maternity mannequins are endless. Choose which position you want to put them in and create beautiful shapes and body positions. In addition to maternity mannequins, we also have plus size mannequins with real shapes and curves. These are ideal if your store also sells large sizes and you want to display these garments. In addition, we also have tailors busts, where you only get the torso to display your garments and accessories.

Call us now

Our adult mannequins will surprise you with their poses and adult facial expressions, just like a real person. This way, your pieces will stand out even more and you can show them on a mannequin, instead of on a pendant. Explore our customized mannequins and let us know your preference. Contact us today by filling out our contact form or call us at +32(0)93250513.

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