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Window mannequins are our forte

Window mannequins can convince a shopper to enter your store. Our professional company, based in Belgium, has the knowledge of this specific area in retail. How we get to work? We are Bonami. Since 1987, we design, create, manufacture and customize window mannequins. High quality, a perfect fit and the most unique designs are what differentiates us. Any shape and size window mannequins are possible, from à la carte to custom-made. Your imagination is our tool!


Join us in creating a sustainable world, thanks to our new 100% sustainable Future collection.


The window mannequins of Bonami make every shop or window stand out. Female, male and kids…From abstract to realistic, discover our collections. You never have to worry about the colour, position or finishing, as the possibilities of our products are endless.

Wide choice of
women and men busts
covered with fabric
Create a total
concept in your store
Sustainable hangers,
unbreakable and
100% recyclable
Magasin de mannequin de vitrine et salle d'exposition

Become familiar with our other strengths

Bonami’s designers aren’t only specialized in window mannequins. Could your shop use some sustainable hangers or is your shop in need of beautiful decoration? Do not look any further, we got it covered. It is safe to say we really make a difference in eco-friendly ways to highlight your store