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Window mannequins are our forte

Bonami was established in 1987 and is known for its design window mannequins. We are proudly located in Belgium and bring you decades of expertise in creating captivating visual experiences. How do we get to work? We design, create and are a manufacturer and producer of mannequins. On top of that, our customized window mannequins are specifically made to fit your shop. High quality, a perfect fit and the most unique designs are what differentiates us. Any shape and size of window mannequins are possible, from à la carte to custom-made.


Join us in creating a sustainable world, thanks to our new 100% sustainable Future collection.

Sustainable male and female mannequins

With years of expertise in the industry, we excel in crafting the most unique window mannequins that elevate your brand’s visual merchandising.


Why would you choose us as a producer or manufacturer of mannequins? Our team can transform your vision into reality. The window mannequins from Bonami make every shop or window stand out! Female, male and kids, we have customized mannequins for every age. Enhance your retail space with our customized mannequins that complement and elevate your brand image. We have a good eye for detail: from facial expressions to body proportions such as our plus size mannequins. Creating lifelike customized mannequins that resonate with your target audience is our specialty.


Since we are an experienced producer and manufacturer of mannequins, no challenge is too much for us. In addition to window mannequins, we also sell tailors busts, you never have to worry about the colour, position or finishing, as the possibilities of our products are endless.

Bust forms covered with fabric
Wide choice of
women and men busts
covered with fabric
Instore decoration and visual merchandising products
Create a total
concept in your store
Sustainable hangers in different colours
Sustainable hangers,
unbreakable and
100% recyclable
Magasin de mannequin de vitrine et salle d'exposition

A sustainable world in every fashion industry

We, as a manufacturer and producer of mannequins work closely with you to understand your brand’s essence and create mannequins that align perfectly with your brand identity. Whether you are a high-end fashion boutique, a sportswear retailer or a designer, we have the expertise to cater to diverse industries. As a producer and manufacturer of window mannequins, we understand that every business is unique. That is why we prioritize open communication and a customer-centric approach regarding our clothing mannequins. On top of that, we, as a producer of mannequins, believe in reducing our ecological footprint without compromising on quality. That is why our mannequins are sustainable. By using durable and recyclable material we contribute to a circular economy. 

Become familiar with our other strengths

Our designers are not only specialized in window mannequins. Can your shop use some hangers or is your clothes shop in need of beautiful decoration? Do not look any further, because we got it covered. It is safe to say that we really make a difference in eco-friendly ways to highlight your store! Contact us now to explore the limitless possibilities of customized mannequins for your business and trust us as your manufacturer and producer of unforgettable mannequins.



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