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Male mannequins

Male mannequins can be a true inspiration for customers in your store. The better the clothes are displayed, the easier someone is convinced to buy one of the pieces. At Bonami, our company based in Belgium, we have every male mannequin in any colour or in any fabric cover. You can discover more about the products down below.

Which male mannequins are you choosing?

Our male mannequins are sure to make a difference for your shop window. We offer mannequins in a sporty position, a classy stance to display a suit, a more casual look and so much more. Maybe our wholesale tailor busts are a better fit if you have limited space? Our possibilities are endless, just like the options of the finishes. In addition, our customized mannequins are incredibly sustainable. That makes choosing our sustainable mannequins even more convenient.

Ask for more information about our mannequins

Have a look at our catalogue to get a first impression of our collection. Would you like to know more about the male mannequins created by Bonami? Feel free to contact us for more information. Call us at the number +32(0)93250513 or leave your personal information on the online contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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