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Lingerie Mannequins

Investing in lingerie mannequins is one of the best ways to easily display the highlights of your offer. At Bonami, our company based in Belgium, we design the bust form or full body mannequin that lives up to the standards of your beautiful lingerie. All of our lingerie mannequins are available in a wide variety of styles, so have a look at our collection to find your favourite.

Our lingerie mannequins are the perfect fit for your items

The right bra size is important, isn’t it? So why not choose a mannequin especially designed for a specific size of lingerie? Our beautiful lingerie mannequins are designed with the right cup for presenting your bras and we make sure the bottoms fit perfectly. If you are interested in lingerie mannequins, our collection is a perfect match. We listen to what look you want to achieve in your window or store. From colour and personalisation to finishing possibilities, the options of our area of expertise are endless. Maybe you want to display a full body male mannequin?

Get in touch with us

Bonami’s team is here to help you with all of our mannequins. We align the perfect type with your commercially oriented ideas. Come visit our showroom and experience our know-how of wholesale mannequins. Are you interested in levelling up your store display? Together we will talk about what we can do for you and your company. Send us an e-mail via or fill out our easy-to-use contact form. You require a mannequin, Bonami makes it happen.  

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