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✔ Sustainable material

✔ Different finishing possibilities

✔ Unbreakable and lightweight

Wholesale mannequins

Wholesale mannequins highlight a complete look with new items in your collection. At Bonami, our experienced company based in Belgium, we have what it takes to create a solution for every business with a passion for fashion. Our wholesale mannequins are available in different positions, RAL colours and finishing possibilities. We even have more good news: all of our busts and mannequins are for sale at an affordable price. 

We design wholesale mannequins for every retailer

Depending on the product you want to highlight, the options of our wholesale mannequins are endless. A look at the different possibilities of our customized mannequins:


That is not all! Maybe you are looking for a tailors bust with a specific finishing? At Bonami, we do everything we can to create the wholesale mannequins you need for your store and shop window.

Showroom Future summer 16.jpg
Shoot showroom 10.jpg

Contact us for more information

Would you like to explore the options of our mannequins? Feel free to contact our team of experts. Fill out the online contact form or call us at the number +32(0)93250513 to get started. We are happy to give you reliable advice about the right mannequins for your store!

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