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Clothing display mannequin

A modern clothing display mannequin perfectly suits the quote ‘the first impression counts’. Is there a certain piece of clothing or an accessory that really stands out in your collection? The right mannequins in your display window can convince customers to buy the item they have an eye on. It is not only possible to highlight a specific product, but they also give shoppers some valuable outfit inspiration. We at Bonami, our company based in Belgium, have a professional team of designers and sculptors, who create and distribute the perfect mannequin for a display to showcase your clothing in your boutique store.

Discover the clothing display possibilities with our mannequin

Our window mannequin displays are curated to tell a story of fashion. The professional sculptors and designers of Bonami know exactly how a display window can transform with the right mannequin. Our newest full body male and female mannequins are made through an automatised and clean process. Just like you, our experts in displays mannequins want to make a difference in the world of fashion. That is exactly why we only use the best materials when creating a mannequin for your display window.

We have all types of mannequins for your display window

The sustainable mannequins upgrade every shop window. Whether it is a complete outfit or just an accessory, we have the right store display mannequin for your boutique store. We make the difference in retail, whether you and your employees are interested in exquisite female or male mannequins. Have a look at our collections and pick a classic collection, modern posing fashion mannequins or our one-of-a-kind trendy mannequins to use in your clothing display. Our passionate designers give a new dimension to your brand with their creations.

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Sustainable mannequin with removable face
Sustainable mannequin with magnetic system
Sustainable mannequin easy to take apart
Sustainable mannequin with removable heels
Perfect calf fitting for mannequins

The right window mannequin for your displays

Our collections of window mannequins are according to your personal taste, but what about the colour, position and finishing of the mannequin for your store display? The possibilities of our male and female window mannequins displays are endless. Each mannequin can be in any colour to perfectly match your shop concept. We have some more good news: the latest collections of our mannequin prototypes to display in your store, are made in an eco-friendly way. Have a look at our online catalogue; it gives you an idea of what we can accomplish together!

The world of fashion

Each mannequin display is a canvas of inspiration, reflecting the allure of your clothing line in your boutique store. Our clothing mannequins breathe life into your collection! Do you want to showcase timeless pieces on our display mannequin in your boutique store? With attention to detail, every mannequin is positioned to capture the essence of movement. From the posture of a cocktail dress to the casual charm of a weekend ensemble, our display mannequin stands as silent, but persuasive guides in your boutique store. Our window mannequin displays create an ambiance that invites your customers to explore the realms of fashion.


Collaborate with us

Without a doubt, our professionals and you talk the same language: fashion. Are you interested in how we can help you sell more clothing or accessories? It all starts with using a custom-made mannequin to display your clothing or choosing from our wide range of beautiful mannequins. Fill out our contact form or phone us at +32(0)93250513. Discover why our business is the perfect match for your display window with mannequins. We are always happy to help you. Our team gets started right away to design a mannequin to use in your shop window that suits your personal taste and business.


Once you've worked with it, you don't want anything else. 

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