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✔ Sustainable circular material

✔ Unbreakable and lightweight

✔ 100% Recyclable mannequins

Mannequin for your shop window

Many shoppers and professionals in retail will agree that a mannequin in your shop window can make a huge difference. At Bonami, based in Belgium, we offer all kind of mannequins. Items which deserve a lot of attention are a perfect match with our mannequins for your store. Do we have your attention? Then you might want to read on and find out why we are the business you need when you are looking for ways to improve your shop window and displays with a mannequin.

We have a mannequin for every shop window

Your store deserves beautiful mannequins to highlight a specific product or style. Bonami, has a solution for everyone in retail. Our collections have something according to your personal taste. We have it all! Besides the perfect fit, good quality, you can get the mannequin in any colour you want. Bonami knows exactly what to do when you are interested in window mannequin or clothing displays for your shop window.


Call us right away

Considering we know that you only get one chance to impress a customer with window mannequins, we go the extra mile to help every client with finding the perfect window mannequins to use in your window or store. The experience and passion of our team speaks for itself. Call us right away at +32(0)93250513, send an e-mail to We start designing window mannequins straight away!

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